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WOW! WOW! WOW! :) Richard's business is not just about the $$. First off, I hunted this place down. Richard has gained awards and recognition, some write-ups, etc.. I was so happy I got an appointment for the week after I called. I had my 2013 Tesla Opti-Coated. The product: AWESOME. Had the occasion to park it next to another car of the same color the next day and my shimmering sparkling car stood out like a diamond! Richard and his team worked on my car from 8:30a to almost 8:00p that night (opti-coated the wheels as well). They went over the car with a fine tooth comb, corrected the paint, pointed out some flaws (that would be hard to see with the naked eye) and gave me a car I was so happy to drive out! Keep in mind, my car was only 2 weeks old so for it to look even better was beyond my realm of reality. Nothing short of a FANTASTIC job!! The service: AWESOME! Richard offered to loan me his car for the day since he knew this was going to be a long job. Instead, I opted to have one of his super nice guys drive me home since I had another car. When I went to pick up my car that evening, his lovely wife drove me back to she shop. She has a very cool Mini-Cooper which I just fell in love with (but Richard needs to hook her up and get her door handles powder-coated black!!!). I was treated like family. Richard gave me great advice on how to wash and protect my car and sincerely made me feel like I can call him anytime if I ever have questions. This was truly one of the nicest experiences I have had and on top of that I got a killer opti-coat treatment out of it! :)
Alex O. on
Hey Richard - Glad you were able to post this amazing work you did for my car. I didn't realize on how much work you did until I saw the photos. AMAZING JOB! I truly appreciate it. Thank you for going the extra mile to make my car look perfect! Richard and his team are miracle workers! I highly recommend them!
PJM_311 from
The owner of this Porsche Cayman S found us from the forum which we sponsor. The services we provided were:

1. Major Paint Correction
2. Wheels Off Detailing and Opti-Coat Coating
3. Opti-Coat on the paint
4. Paint Touchup
I'm the guy who's Mustang GT was evaluated. Richard is an amazing man and his knowledge regarding paint and protection is unmatched. If you want your car detailed professionally efficiently and economically look no further than show car detailing. The demonstration given to me today was unlike anything I have ever seen or experienced ever. This business owner takes pride in quality and not quantity. He demonstrated things I never even knew could be done with car paint. You would be a damn fool to get your car detailed anywhere but here. Like many others, I also was told that I needed a paint job. Richard showed me that in fact, no I didn't. As a result of his honesty, he will not only be getting my black Mustang GT, but also my newer model BMW 5 Series, and my Acura TL!!!! Good job Richard, you have my business!!!! ... I never knew that paint could be treated the way you do and keep it looking like new, like it was just done. It's amazing your know how, and experience, and I will be selling your services to everybody I come across, once again thank you!!!
Anthoni J.
I picked up my black M3 today after Richard applied more OptiCoat......the car looked more amazing than I would ever imagine, this "wet" black look, just amazing. Just too bad that I drove home in this rain and spoiled the nice look. Richard and his crew are the best detaling place you will find on the west coast. Do not take your car anywhere else and don't waste your money and paint on the cheap gas station "detail" offer.
Ole N.