Show Car Restoration and Preservation

Aston Martin DB9: [Major Paint Correction]

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This Aston Martin DB9 was restored in 2008 at my first shop in Placentia, California. It was purchased used and was in serious need for paint restoration. The results were spectacular and the client was so pleased he invited me to his house to take additional pictures.

1994 Acura NSX: [Major Paint Correction]

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This 1994 Acura NSX was once the owners pride and joy but due to family commitments it sat outside on the owners driveway for a year, uncovered. The single stage paint oxidized and was in need of our paint correction services. The paint was ultra thin however and special care needed to be taken. Unfortunately along with the neglect were several large scratches that could not be repaired. We touched it up using the owners touchup paint but it wasn't a close match, so we did the best we could.

Hyundai Genesis 2.0: [Enhancement Detail]

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The owner of this Genesis wanted to remove some tar that got on her paint. Aside from the bonded contaminants, an Enhancement Detail was needed to improve the paint.

1993 Mercedes 500E: [Major Paint Correction]

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The 500E was a limited production collaboration between Mercedes and Porsche. Some call it the ultimate sleeper. This 500E lived in Texas and was treated pretty well considering its age.

Black Nissan GTR: [Major Paint Correction]

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This GTR belongs to a Portland Trailblazer and it came in for a full restore. He drives his car hard and living in a state with lots of rain, it was important that we not only make the paint look its best but protect it as well.

Jerez Black M3: [Major Paint Correction]

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The owner of this Jerez Black M3 had fallen out of love with his car and was ready to give it up until he found us. We restored his paint far beyond his expectations.

Major Transformations: [Major Paint Correction]

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This gallery is just highlighting a few of our major transformations over the years. The cover photo story is the owner of this BMW parked his car on his driveway and his next door neighbor was doing construction work, concrete got spilled on the car, so the workers used paper towels to clean it up. When the owner complained, the workers told him they have a cousin who owns a body shop and could fix it...he instead came to us.

Black Scion TC: [Major Paint Correction]

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This Scion TC went in for 5,000 mile servicing and got a "free" car wash that induced swirls in the paint, which was "corrected" by the dealerships detailer, eventually the dealership decided that a repaint was in order. Fortunately the owner found me and we showed her we COULD fix it.

MINI Cooper S WC50: [Minor Paint Correction]

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This MINI WC50 is a limited edition model with only 50 of them brought into the USA.

Audi Q5: [Minor Paint Correction]

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This Audi was purchased used and the owner wanted to know if we could improve the paint.