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    Who is CS-II?
    CS-II International is a manufacturer for coatings and detailing chemicals, based in Singapore and founded in 1995. All of their products are made in California. CS-II USA is also based in California and we are the exclusive US distributor for CS-II. Our responsibility aside from distribution includes sales, marketing, and training of the products, and we assist the headquarters with English translations of the brochures and packaging as well as testing and improving the products for the US market.

    CS-II offers 3 levels of coatings from their entry level Stage 2, to the mid range Ceramic, and high end Titanium coatings. They also offer a secondary line called Nano-1 which includes their Vision 50, Omega 60, and Serum 75 coatings. Contact us for more information on how these can help you. We have wheel coatings, plastic trim coatings, fabric and leather coatings, windshield coatings and so much more.

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