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    Ceramic Coating?
    Are you new to coatings? Coatings are known as nano technology sealant and they are a replacement for wax and polymer sealants. That means once your car is coated, you won’t be waxing or polishing the paint anymore, just washing it. And unlike those old fashioned sacrificial wax barriers, coatings will last for years, not months, and they don’t break down due to strong solvents or environmental contaminants like bird poo. So they offer the best protection for your paint next to wrapping it in PPF (Paint Protection Film). The way our coatings work is they use a quartz aka glass, that starts as a liquid and it fills all the micropores in the paint resulting in a super smooth surface. Being smooth means that its harder to scratch as objects have a harder time to dig in to the paint. Secondly our coating offers a 9H pencil hardness protection which is the hardest it can be. If you visit the shop, we can show you samples of what the quartz looks like after it cures and literally becomes a sheet of glass.