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Polishing Perfection

Polishing paint restores color, clarity, sparkle in metallics, and depth and richness. Every paint has its limitations and learning to maximize the finish without compromising the integrity is crucial to the longevity of your paint. Polishing paint safely is both an art and a science. You, as the owner need to keep in mind that the improvements we can offer will be relative to your existing paint. We can almost always significantly improve your paint unless it is too far gone and we will advise you of that before beginning work.

PAST is an acronym that describes our philosophy. While the word itself is a reference to our past experiences, it accurately describes how we approach each project.

Our passion for solving problems and making things beautiful is what lights our fire.

Polishing is an art and we utilize Science and Technology to achieve the absolute best results. Instead of using the most expensive chemicals that marketing experts would like us to buy and sell to you, we use reasoning and logic and expert product knowledge to get the results we desire.

Let us show you what your paint really looks like!

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