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The Evaluation

A frequent question we get is.... "What happens during your evaluation?"

Our evaluation process has evolved over the years but the basic purpose is to get a better idea of what your car needs.  When people call us up asking for a quote to detail their car, there is really only one service we can quote a price for over the phone and that's our Enhancement Detail because the focus isn't on perfecting the paint, it's about improving it, and most cars can be greatly improved with our process.

However we can't really quote a price for the interior because what one person defines as "pretty good" or "decent", really has no measurable value to us.  So we ask probing questions such as do you have kids?  Do they eat in the car?  Do you have pets?  Do you have any noticeable stains?  Do you have leather or fabric seats?  Etc....  These questions are all geared towards determining what condition the interior is truly like which defines how long it will take to improve or correct it.  That's why an in-person evaluation is important.  You want the best bang for your buck, and we want to deliver that, but we need to know what we are dealing with.

Hyundai Paint Responds Very Well to the Enhancement Detail
The evaluation process begins with looking at the paint under the right lighting.  This could be positioning the car under the sun so that we can see the condition or it might mean bringing it into the shop under our controlled lighting.  Either way, the goal is to look for flaws and defects that you may or may not be aware of.  Sometimes the owner will tell me about a chip or scratch they want to get fixed and that might mean pulling out one of my digital microscopes or magnifying loupes to see the damage more clearly.
Chip magnified 150X
Chip magnified 2x

One recent customer had backed her Lexus IS250 into a white fence.  The damage seemed significant and the dealer was going to charge a substantial amount to fix it.  During the evaluation, we cleaned up the damage and discovered it was relatively minor.  We scheduled her in for some paint touchup work.

Damage from fence
Paint transfer removed revealing actual damage

Area touched up and customer is happy!

Another important reason for the evaluation is for testing what service will offer the best bang for the buck.  Here an Audi S5 was a CPO (Certified Pre-Owned) vehicle and had a lot of defects in the paint.  Audi paint is notoriously hard which means that when it gets scratched, it's harder to remove.  The Enhancement Detail as we suspected would make only a marginal improvement on this hard paint, but we showed the customer the difference between the Enhancement Detail, Minor & Major Paint correction by conducting the tests directly on his paint.  This makes it MUCH easier for the customer to choose which service is best for him and it improves our communication so that we can match and exceed their expectations, which is truly what this business is all about.

The customer brings in a car, they have expectations, we need to understand them, meet them and exceed them.  That is what we do every time.
Evaluation Spots

We can fix severe dents!

Paintless Dent Removal (PDR)

Perfect Again!

During the evaluation we noticed this oxidized gas cap so a quick polishing test showed we could improve it too!

Another reason for the evaluation is that we can identify things we can fix that no one else can or would dare try.  The roof on this Honda Accord was repainted, and the new paint was peeling away.  The paint underneath was oxidized.  We found that we could improve this through polishing and then keep it from oxidizing by adding a new coating similar to clear coat on top.

The old paint was improved and we showed the after/before correction near the blue tape

This is the paint BEFORE correcting, magnified 150x

This is the paint AFTER correcting.  See the metallic flakes?  The paint is cracked still

This is a good example of what our paint correction services can show.  During this evaluation we could clearly show that this severely scratched up paint caused by the car wash could be greatly improved.  A new paint job isn't required and we can significantly improve the finish at less cost with less downtime.

All in all, the Evaluation Process is an important one and it allows us to meet with the customer in person, answer any questions they may have, offer a tour of our facility, go over the problem areas on their paint, show how we can correct them, and provide a written estimate.  

Call us today for your evaluation.  Toll Free 866 707 9292.

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