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Each year we participate in a contest that greatly helps our local customers find us on the internet. It's known as the Hotlist, where people vote for their favorite and best local shops. Unfortunately for our category of detailing, we compete with local car washes as well. We need your help. Here at ShowCar Detailing, we've been providing the best service and best paint restorations in the country for the past 10 years. Why should you vote for us?

We strive to exceed our customers expectations. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing the joy, tears, and amazement when a customer see's their car after we've worked on it. People always say "It looks better than the day I bought it". Our service extends far beyond just restoring your paint. We encourage you to look at us as your "Go To Place" after your detail. The resource you can count on when you have car care product questions, when you hit that tire fragment on the freeway and think you need to call a body shop, you find a ding in your door and think it will be too costly to repair it, or you're just wondering what can you do to preserve and care for your paint better. When you have your car detailed by us, you become a part of our family and we'll always make sure you are well taken care of.

We started as a one man detailer working out his garage holding free detailing clinics and never being satisfied with the phase "Good Enough". Richard was considered the "black sheep" among detailers because he didn't want to conform and do production level work. Every car was subjected to his perfectionism driven by passion. Some would say he was obsessed. This obsession would drive him to develop better products or introduce products that didn't exist in the market place. Simple ideas like the PC Guard which added a foam rubber barrier on the end of the orbital polisher to protect the paint while polishing or the OneGrip which enabled the detailer to work more comfortably and hold the polisher more securely were created. Early versions were cut with scissors and rotary knives when that proved too "amateur" looking, dies were made so they could be stamped out and hand sewn and silkscreened for a more professional appearing product. Today we have chemicals that work better, last longer, and are focused on the needs of the consumer, thanks to Richard's father being a renowned chemist who passed on his knowledge so his son can formulate as well. We also built special LED lights that show swirls and defects in paint better than the sun so paint can be corrected better. We continue to innovate with products that enable us to be on the forefront of the industry. Today we are a 5 person company with a team that is just as dedicated and passionate as Richard is, whether we are correcting paint or inventing new solutions.

Whether we are working on a half million dollar Ferrari or a rare 1932 Ford or the family SUV, it all boils down to trust. Having a shop that's secured by special security keys, high resolution cameras, 24hr ADT, and insured by State Farm are important factors but more important than any of that is the trust our customers give to us. How many people hand over their cars to a mechanic or detailer and even think twice if they know how to drive a stick? Have you ever wondered if your car may be taken out for a joy ride? We have a very strict policy in place on all cars that come into the shop. The furthest they are driven is from the front of the shop to the back. We store all cars securely in the shop on overnight visits and also whenever possible during the day. On occasion they may need to go outside during the day, but they are always monitored and are never left alone if we have to close up for the day. We encourage customers to take pix of their odometer before drop off if that makes them feel more comfortable. We NEVER drive a customers car unless we are given permission. There have been many times where a client with an exotic will tell us to "go for a spin" but that never happens UNLESS the customer is in the car with us and gives us permission. We thoroughly document every car at it arrives at the shop, during the work process, and when the work is complete. Trust is everything and it needs to be earned. Our customers know how important it is to us and how much we cherish it by the care we put into their cars and through every aspect of our relationship.

The bottom line is--we are NOT the typical detail shop trying to make every car shiny. We are industry leaders. We make products that don't exist and improve upon methods to achieve even higher performance. We don't get the kind of testimonials here by just making a car shiny.

"The service was awesome. They have all the tools to do the job right, special lights, cameras, microscopes to analyze any bumps and bruises your car might have before they work out how to fix it. They spent all day working over my car, and it looks great. It's also easy to clean and protected from the Los Angeles air. Every exterior surface got cared for, and they showed me how to protect the inside similarly. It's clear that Rick, the owner, is not only dedicated but enthusiastic. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone."- Darren

"I drive forty miles each way every other week to have them detail my car. Richard is excellent at what he does. He has saved my paint on my black BMW 750Li several times. Most recently he was doing a special detail for me and accidentally a part was harmed. Rather than hide it he showed me the piece and had already replaced a new one on my car. You can't put a price on integrity! I recommend Richard and Show Car Detailing with no reservations. Greg McGowan, M.D."-

"Richard and his staff went above and beyond to perfect my car and answer any concerns I had. The attention to detail will leave you speechless. I recommend ShowCarDetailing to all my friends for all their car detailing needs."- Eric L.

"My wife's 1998 Saturn looks fantastic after Richard was done with it. When I get my Tesla Ill be taking it to Richard."- Kim L.

"WOW! WOW! WOW! :)

Richard's business is not just about the $$. First off, I hunted this place down. Richard has gained awards and recognition, some write-ups, etc.. I was so happy I got an appointment for the week after I called.

I had my 2013 Tesla Opti-Coated.

The product: AWESOME. Had the occasion to park it next to another car of the same color the next day and my shimmering sparkling car stood out like a diamond! Richard and his team worked on my car from 8:30a to almost 8:00p that night  (opti-coated the wheels as well). They went over the car with a fine tooth comb, corrected the paint, pointed out some flaws (that would be hard to see with the naked eye) and gave me a car I was so happy to drive out! Keep in mind, my car was only 2 weeks old so for it to look even better was beyond my realm of reality. Nothing short of a FANTASTIC job!!

The service: AWESOME! Richard offered to loan me his car for the day since he knew this was going to be a long job. Instead, I opted to have one of his super nice guys drive me home since I had another car. When I went to pick up my car that evening, his lovely wife drove me back to she shop. She has a very cool Mini-Cooper which I just fell in love with (but Richard needs to hook her up and get her door handles powder-coated black!!!).  I was treated like family. Richard gave me great advice on how to wash and protect my car and sincerely made me feel like I can call him anytime if I ever have questions.

This was truly one of the nicest experiences I have had and on top of that I got a killer opti-coat treatment out of it!  :)"-Yelp Review by Alex O.

We fix things others would be scared of touching! (Top BEFORE w/Major Water Spot Etchings, Below AFTER)
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