Show Car Restoration and Preservation

Photography by Richard Lin (SCP) is a division of Detailing Innovations, Inc., based in Anaheim, California.

It is run by Richard Lin and his wife GillianMay.

SCP began in 2005 as a mobile detailing business and turned into a fixed location in 2006 in Placentia, California. The company name was a derivative of which was a joint venture between Richard Lin and Mike Phillips. As a team they produced instructional detailing DVD's and had high aspirations to live out theirs dreams of owning a high end shop doing the highest quality work around. However the venture would be cut short due to personal reasons, and Mike Phillips and Richard Lin parted ways.

Our customers vary from individuals who are passionate about their rides to large corporations like Fisker Headquarters where we maintained their fleet of 30 Karmas. We are known for doing amazing work on Tesla's and it doesn't matter if we are working on a Ferrari Italia 458 exotic or restoring a Saturn wagon, it is all about perfecting and improving paint. We only charge for the work needed to achieve and surpass the expectations of the owners. Just because your car is worth $300,000 our pricing won't reflect that. is a small business located in the Anaheim Hills area of Anaheim, California. Along with the owners, we have several employees that have all undergone the strictest training under the supervision of Richard before being allowed to work on any of our cars. Although not a requirement, the owners own and drive black cars as do many of the employees because we know that is best color! How many detailers do you know own a black car that is their daily driver?