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Welcome to Show Car, the site for Show Car Restoration and Preservation, providing superior paint correction, dent repair, headlight repair, paint touch up, windshield replacement, scratch repair and swirl removal services in Orange County, California since 2005.
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Raising Expectations is the name of our game. Do you expect Near Perfection or True Perfection?

Do You Have Buffer Trails and Holograms?
Do You See Swirls Under the Bright Sun?
Does Your Touchup Look Like This?
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We have pioneered the techniques for getting the best results in many areas including touchup. As an industry leader, people choose us because they know we will perform “magic” and produce results that no one else can achieve. Touchup is one of those areas. Most people consider touchup as a quick and dirty fix that just fills in the color however most often the repairs are more ugly than the damage itself. Achieving the best touchup results requires mixing the paint, using clear coat hardeners, proper prep, and proper refining. Especially body shops and dealerships, and most detailers, their method is brush it on straight from the bottle and that will guarantee inconsistent results.
Swirl removal or paint correction is another area we lead the industry. We are known for the magic we perform on black paint as well as for meeting and exceeding the expectations of our customer’s. Not all paints are created equal. The Scratch Shield paint on the Nissan GTR is a self healing paint that requires extreme measures to properly correct due to its heat sensitive nature during the 2-3 year window that the self healing works. Other situations we commonly deal with are paint that is extremely thin due to over buffing from other detailers, or paint that appears to have clear coat failure. We regularly fix other peoples mistakes or other shops inability to produce the results the client demands.
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Repair Damage with Walls and Poles
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Orange Peel Texture Reduction
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Repair Damage from Shifting Loads
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Headlight Repair Gone Wrong?
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Fixing Tears in Leather
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Repair Damage from Consumer Coating Products Applied Wrong
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What Customer's Are Saying!
When choosing the best shop to fix your problems, consider these facts. The work to be performed on every car is as different as a patient is to a doctor. No two patients will pay the same amount to fix their ailments because the problems are unique as well as their treatment. So how can you expect to choose a shop based on price alone?
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    Scratches to remove
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    DA polishing with Rupes
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Jerez Black M3: Major Paint Correction Services

The owner of this M3 was ready to sell his car until we completely infused new life and he once again fell in love with his car. Check out this short video we made.

CS-II Hydrophobic Coatings

With the CS-II Titanium coating we can make your paint become super hydrophobic like you see here for the next 5+ years with the only maintenance being to wash your car. No need for waxing, polishing, detailing to keep up the shine or water hydrophobicity.

Mirror Reflections or Perfected Paint?

Just because you see a picture of a shiny car, don’t assume the paint has been perfected as well. Watch this video to see the truth about reflection shots.


Here at we are continually striving to find the best methods to get the best results and invent products that help us achieve those results. For the best matte plastic, we invented Black Wow and Pre-Wow. Lighting is crucial to our work, so we developed special LED lamps to reveal the most subtle defects so we can properly correct them. We recently were appointed the exclusive US distributor for CS-II products. Although we only apply CS-II coatings, we have years of experience as previously authorized installers for CQuartz Finest, Modesta, and OptiCoat Pro.
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