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    Micro Paint Polishing
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    Headlights Restored
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    Wetsanding hood

Do You Have Buffer Trails and Holograms?

Do You See Swirls Under the Bright Sun?

Does Your Touchup Look Like This?

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    Scratches to remove
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    DA polishing with Rupes
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Jerez Black M3: Major Paint Correction Services

The owner of this M3 was ready to sell his car until we completely infused new life and he once again fell in love with his car. Check out this short video we made.

1993 500E Sleeper- joint venture between Porsche and Mercedes.

The owner of this car has been a long time client of ours and searched for years for the perfect 500E for his collection. This is what we did to make it uniquely his!


Here at we are continually striving to find the best methods to get the best results and invent products that help us achieve those results. For the best matte plastic, we invented Black Wow and Pre-Wow. Lighting is crucial to our work, so we developed special LED lamps to reveal the most subtle defects so we can properly correct them.
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